24 hours a day 365 days of the year!

Booking appointments bites off a good chunk of staff time from any business, especially if there is no dedicated receptionist. Someone has to be able to answer the phone and talk to the customer all before finding an available date and time for the appointment. Then they are interrupted shortly after by the next call. Appointments are a core part of the business and cannot be neglected. You need to manage just right - to get more business coming your way, please your customers - all while spending as little time on the phone as possible. Appointment Diary can help by moving your appointment books to where they can be accessed by you, your staff and your customers – online. Because clients treatment timings can be set by you, your clients can use Appointment Diary to book their own haircut, manicure, waxing, spa treatments, tanning sessions, and all other services you offer – on the Web, from the convenience of their homes or offices, anytime day or night.

Your customers can visit your web site, check out your availability and book an appointment with just a couple of clicks. Easy, simple, fast.

Appointment Diary allows you to manage your diary with the accuracy of the most skilled receptionist, promptly receive notifications on all new appointments, minimise no-shows with automatic appointment reminders and increase customer satisfaction.

Appointment Diary stores all customer records, past and present, in a secure database which conforms to Data Standards (for which we are registered with the ICO Ref: Z1687890) and can be downloaded by the owner for marketing and accounting purposes. Of course, all appointments are kept private and password protected and therefore cannot be passed on to 3rd parties.

Link from your website

Appointment Diary will provide you with a link that you simply have to include in your current website wherever you would like customers to be able to book online.

The customer will then click the link and be taken to our site. It will still appear to the customer as though they are using your site as you can change the colour schemes to match your own.

Click on a free slot

The customer will be presented with diaries for all staff members. When they click on a convenient time all they have to do then is choose from the list of available services by dragging or clicking them. Click on the book button and that is it! Both the staff member and customer will then receive a confirmation email.

A reminder set by you is automatically sent to the client before the appointment is due to commence and so reducing no shows.

The internet is down!

Dont panic! We send you an email every night with the forthcoming appointments for next 7 days.